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At this time this site is not being updated. More current data may be available for some measures. You may want to check back in the future. - August 18, 2017.

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Transportation Construction Cost



This section of the site has four sub-indicators to provide a sense of construction cost pressures in the transportation sector. Construction costs for transportation impact the ability of the public and private sectors to expand capacity to meet demands.


The resources that build and operate transportation, come from the public in two forms: Directly as fares and costs for owning and using vehicles or Indirectly through various taxes or as a part of the cost of products that are consumed.


Construction cost trends in transportation can be tracked through such indicators as: PPI for Highway & Street Construction, U.S. Average Price of Diesel No. 2, Value of Residential Building Permits Issued, and Florida Heavy Construction Employment. The data sources for these indicators include the Energy Information Administration, U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida Association of Realtors, Institute of Supply Management, and Florida Research & Economic Database (FRED).


Here PPI stands for the Producer Price Index which measures average changes in prices received by domestic producers for their output.

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